Year of the Dog

Chinese Year of the Dog illustration

                Year of the Dog is an illustration project inspired by the narrative technique of the medieva tapestry, combine together with the Chinese zodiac Year of the Dog, one of the year from the 12-years cycle of the Chinese lunar calendar.

The inspiration of this piece came from the fact that other mythology also contained their own version of mythological dogs. Imagining that all these characters from different mythology supposedly knew each other, they came to celebrate the leader of the Chinese pantheon, the Jade emperor, and his dog on it ‘supposedly’ birthday. Other gods, goddeses, spirits and  mythological figures came to join the celebration, such as Ra, Egyptian sun god, who brought Anubis, the egyptian god of Death and mummification, who is associated with a jackal. Greek, Persian, Norse, Roman and Japanese legendary figures also came to celebrate the coming of the Year of the dog.

The red of the background came from Chinese paper that traditionally used for  making lucky charms and golden calligraphy. I apply this type of paper on a thicker surface and painted the

piece with the combination of poster colours, gouache and gold acrylic.

from Visual Narrative
Class of 2017.
A CommDe project.

Anubis and Ra, with their pet Jackal from Anicient egyptian religion.

Kitsune, with Inari Ōkami  holding the leash from Japanes folklore.

Khosrow I Anushiruwān-e Dādgar, Zoroaster, and their Simurgh, Sasasian persian mythology.

Fenrir, accompanied by Loki and Odin from Norse Mythology.

Caesar, with the Capitoline wolf. Part of early Roman mythology.

The Jade Emperor and the Year dog of the Chinese Lunar calendar.