The frog who desired 

A children book project

                The frogs who desired is one of the 9 series of children book, where traditional folk tales told to children in the region of Thailand has been re-imagined within a modern context, combining the traditional narrative with a bigger, more contemporary issues. This work is a collaboration between 9 artists and the METABOLIC MODULES group.

The frog who desired reimagined the story of The frog who wished for a king by the famous Greek storyteller Aesop. The narrative shifted to fit the concept given by the METABOLIC MODULES of ‘community’ and how different groups of people engage with their community and the resourced available within it. Social struggle and the distribution of resources is the main them presented here, while changing the disastrous end of the frogs in the pond, to their cooperation and struggle against the increasingly capitalistic world. 

for ‘Nine Folks Tales’ 
A 2022 project.