Chronicle of Athenaeum

Personal fantasy worldbuilding project

                Chronicle of Athenaeum is a set of illustrations within a personal fantasy world building. The universe of Athenaeum was created as a foundation for my future fantasy work. This Illustration sets narrate the some of the stories from the Chronicle of Athenaeum, A book detailing the creation myth of Cetus, the planet where most of the story take place

12 set of illustrations detailing the origin of the universe, of how the gods came to be, how the cosmic order and laws of the universe was established. Each of the illustration narrate a portion of the whole chapter within the Chronicle.

Black pen on paper

from Studio in Graphic Communication Design
Class of 2017.
A CommDe project.

Figure 1
Da-Sarak, the legendary first king of men, slaying The Serpent King. The gods stole the power of magic from the serpent and gave it to mankind, allowing them to shape the world as they please.

Figure 2
The tree of life sprang forth from the Valley of origin, giving birth to all that lives within the universe.
This tree was one of the 7 tools of creation the gods used to shape the cosmos to their will.

Figure 3

Heretic King of old being burned alive by Arkalach, the ancient drake who were created by the gods in the first war against human who rose up in rebellion against their creator.

Figure 4

The Pantheon covene together for the first time to established order in the Universe. They wrestled the word of power from The Serpent King and later taught the word to the First Mages.

Figure 5

Ainu-Shishkam, a powerful Magus from the first age being crown the Emperor of the east by the Blind Priest, with the blessing of the Masked Serpent, a descendant of the great Serpent King

Figure 6

The Titan Borealis’s decapitate head was hung from the primordial spine of the universe in order for the gods to create the Valley of Origin and began their work on creating life

Figure 7

Death was an entity created by the evil primordial spirit to fight the force of life the gods have created. Death plague the universe, draining the life essence out of the living that we now called Soul.

Figure 8

Sun and Moon is a device the gods gave to the living. A mighty stag and a majestic lion were chosen to be the guardian of the sun and moon. In their union, the first star was born

Figure 9

When King Nymbus, the god of power, who chose to came down and lived with his creation finally passed away, his follower from allthe continents came to honour his corpse

Figure 10

Ash-Ankuraj, the Water serpent who also descent from the great Serpent King, carrying the head of Lord Persepis, Narsidun patron god. From him, all the water in this world originated.

Figure 11

The god of Fate, Nashgal, son of the great lord of all Material and Ethereal planes, Artaraxes, murdered by the hands of men who desired the power to control their own fate to themselves

Figure 12

King Pyranese, Last king of the old Kingdom of Norovid, predecessor of the Narsidun empire, travel upon the back of the Celestial Whales. These creatures show the king the greatness that awaits his kingdom