Raymond Carver’s
FEVER ’ comic

Graphic Narrative project with Ephameron

                ‘FEVER’ is a short story by Raymond Carver which were adapted into a comic striped in a 3-days workshop with Ephameron (Eva Cardon). 

The story revolve around a life of a man named Carlyle who hired an old lady name Mrs.Webster to look after his two childrens after his wife ran off with his old collegue. Carver led us through a story of a man who was seem almost beaten by life got help from an old lady who came not only to help take care of his children, but also fixing his life. In the end she had to leave, but Carlyle know everything will be alright. I depicted the arrival of the therapeutic lady and her help with the colour pink. I also fled from the traditional medium of comic strip box and led the story take their own unconstrained form, resulting in a winding story which, in a way, symbolize the feeling when one read this short story.

from Open studio - Graphic Narrative
Class of 2018.
A CommDe project.

The disaster of previous teenager nanny, the arrival of Mrs.Webster and a phone call from his ex-wife.

The start of a new relationship, his life slowly getting sorted with Mrs.Webster help and him fallen ill.

His wife last call, Carlyle finally snapped and the news of Mrs.Webster departure.

The parting ending.