Big Book of Religion

A book series on the Journey of god

                Big book of Religion is a publication project under the theme of Obsessed / Posessed, creating a publication of any kind by using your own obsession / posession as a topic. Mine was Gods, worship and Religions

Religion is a delicate matters and always talked about in either a very serious tone, or in a mockery or satirical way. I took an alternative approach in this work by positioning the narrator of my book as an entity who created the universe that were later defined by humans featured in the book as God (gods or goddesses), who narrate over 10 chapters that included the beginning, ancient belief and religions that are still in practiced today. The 10 chapters are 

  1. The beginning
  2. Mesopotamian religion
  3. Ancient Egyptian belief
  4. Greek and Roman Pantheon
  5. Norse mythology
  6. Judaism
  7. Christianity
  8. Islam
  9. Buddhism
  10. Hinduism

The book series consist of 10 smaller books for each of the 10 religions ( inside a large box, with the cover wrapped in indigo fabric and decorated with gold-colour ornament. Each of the smaller books contained 16 pages that work in pairs, each of the pair consisted of 1 illustration page and 1 text.

from Studio in Graphic Communication Design
Class of 2017.
A CommDe project. 

All the 10 chapters in full spread

One of the eight illustration from ‘Norse Mythology’

Cover for some of the books, decorated in golden ink

Two of the book displayed on its’ own compartment

The beginning

Mesopotamian religion

Ancient Egyptian belief

Greek and Roman Pantheon

Norse Mythology