Mi’raj (المعراج)

Paper relief of mystical dreamscape

               Mi’raj (المعراج) is a project inspired by the spiritual journey of the same name by Prophet Muhammad, where he ascended into heaven and received his divine revelation from god. From a more secular perspective, one could interpret that we human beings took a similar journey every night in the form of dreams. Within this realm of slumber, theoretically, it is the closest place for us mortal to grasp a glimpse of the divine.

Gouache-painted paper relief
50 X 65 cm

In the centre lies The Prophet, traveller of dreams

And on the edge of reality sits the Keeper of the Sacred flame, one who kept alive the psyche of men

The Great Primordial serpent, vanquished by the Avenger, he who sat at the end of all thing,
awaiting to unleash total annihilation of the universe.

One of the five keystones of human soul, the Flame of Inspiration maintain the aspect of wonder
in the heart and mind of humankind.

The Muses, composer of the heavenly choir, sat and sang and serenade the order of the universe

Bearer of the sacred gifts, the Magi, come to venerate the coming of The Prophet with their divine gifts