Primordial war, 2019 Personal project

Digital Illustration

School projects, Commission and Personal worldbuilding 

    Series of illustrations made in computers. Most of them are based on my worldbuilding project Athenaeum and the rest are comissioned or school works. Character design made up most of the work I done digitally due to the more convenient way of shaping and colouring the characters. I’ve found a completely different style in creating character, more adaptable to vivid colours, using solid shapes and lineless style of illustrations.

I also specialize in creating images based on religious imagery, such as triptychs
and stained-glasses.

The War of Squirrel and Tanks, CommDe’s Studio in Design and Communication class of 2017

Pylos, 2017 Personal project

Nymbus, 2017 Personal project

Dyrus’s headwears, 2016 Personal project

Eoylos Royalties, 2017 Personal project

Pantheon, 2019 Personal project

Head of Libra, 2017 Personal project

Serinian Artwork, 2018 Illustration for a fantasy novel project. 

Dvarati Artwork, 2018 Illustration for a fantasy novel project.