Heaven and Hell -
The Boardgame

A boardgame for those who fear hell

                Heaven and Hell: The boardgame is a part of a project called ‘Product Me’ where we have to adapt everyday objects and turned them into a product to help you with your emotions, such as love, shyness, fear etc. I came up with the idea to create a boardgame that will help people ease their fear of the eternal damnation in hell.

This project is heavily based on the writing from Dante’s epic poem Divine Comedy where the author describe the characteristic and catagories of Inferno (Hell), Paradiso (Heaven) and Purgatorio (Purgatory). These became my reference for creating the boardgame that players came together and compete  with each other for the race to heaven, while avoiding the eternal damnation in hell. The playing board is divided into rings, a shape Dante used to discribe these world he came up with, that have the indication of ‘Virtues’ and ‘Sins’ point, an ingame currency that players have to accumulate or eliminate in order to progress towards the ultimate goal, Heaven.

The box containing the boardgame was created by using greyboard, covered with paper and black ink illustration - ornate with golden ink

from Studio in Graphic Communication Design
Class of 2017.
A CommDe project. 

Starting point of the boardgame, with two die and a game token

Opening of the ‘Heaven and Hell’ Boardgame box - along with the cover on the side

Cards within the game, which categorize into three parts. Sin & Virtues cards (Top), Deadly Sin cards (Middle) and Action cards (Bottom).