The Library of

Body as a machine poster

                Body as a Machine is a project inspired by Fritz Kahn’s ‘Der Mensch als Industriepalast’ or Man as ‘Industrial Palace’, a piece focusing around visualization of the human body as a piece of machinery. My project is based on translating the complex process of  how the ancient  Great Library of Alexandria operate and accumulate their knowledge

The Library of Wisdom system of operation is based on the story that in ancient time, when merchant ships came to port at Alexandria, the official will scour the ship of any books on board. Any books or scrolls they found will be seized and the send to the Great library, where the scribes will began copying the manuscript for the collection. The library  then kept the original and send they copied version back to the merchant. Organs, organ systems and cells are translated components of the Library such as the books, which are the input, is translated from the food we consume. Lungs turned into the library parts, Liver became the place where new scholars (blood cells) are being recruited and the whole digestive system is turned into the copying and book-making factory. The composition of this piece is oriented to resemble the position of each organs and systems in the human body.

I use dip pen and brown ink on tea-dyed paper inorder to create the ‘old effect’

from Studio in Graphic Communication Design
Class of 2017.
A CommDe project.

The Brain is function as the Administration centre where all the bureacrats and scholars gathered to
discuss and debate on the knowledge recieved

Mouth and Nose are combined into input, which were represent by the merchant ship coming to the library

Lungs were used as the Library halls flanking the sidecontaining all the collected knowledge that is used withing the Library complex

Heart is the Central platform where all the scholars and acolytes (blood cells) interchange different path to different parts of the system

The Amphitheatre on the left side represent the Liver, where new blood cells are being produced. These cells are represent by the scholars being tutored by senior scholars

Lastly, the whole Digestive system were transformed into Production line of books and scrolls, the original copy were send back up the library halls while the copied version were loaded back on the ship they came from.