Mythical Creatures
of the Near-East

Medieval journal of the  Near-eastern mythical creatures

        Mythical Creatures of the Near-east is a 3 metres long folded scrolls, illustrated with pictures and stories of how a young englishman by the name of Thosmas of Gloucestershire travelled to the middle east to find out the truth about the mythical creatures in tales and legends of medieval europe. The brief of this piece was to create a Museum of your choices, I choose to create a museum based on all the mythical creatures that are often believed to be originated from Europe but actually came from the east.

        Most of the Mythical and Legendary creatures from Europe are an adaptation or shared the same origin with those from the Middle-eastern folklores and mythology. Researching more into the matter, I found that most of the time, the original creatures look nothing like their original version from the east, adapting to fit the imagination of the european flora and fauna. The piece contained six panels, with each one containing a story of how Thomas of Gloucestershire met new creatures and people who revealed to him the truth of all these mythical beasts. The story was set during the early 12th century, the same period where European and the Muslim world collide with one another, exchanging ideas and inspiration with one another.

Tea-staining, Thinner transfer, Dip pens and gold acrylic were used to create this piece

from Studio in Graphic Communication Design
Class of 2017.
A CommDe project.

The begining of the journey of Thomas of Gloucestershire

Damascus and the three sphinxes

Unicorn of Arabia

Manticore Disection

Seljuk Marriage and the royal Simurgh

Phoenix at the first fire temple